Our Vision

We work with customers whose primary aim is the betterment of mankind. These companies have a very specific "why"– A company vision which is larger than themselves.

Our objective is not just to "manage Facebook ads," rather it is to grow our customers businesses while spreading the word of their product and service whose aim is the betterment of the world.

Our Agency Core Values

We believe in connection, full disclosure, open communication and transparency in all things we do. We believe that one of the keys to our success is to "under-promise and over deliver."

We believe that the key to our success is "being ourselves" and not trying to be someone or something we are not.

There is plenty of business for everyone so we maintain an abundance mentality at all times.

Our Customer Profile

A customer who has a minimum $10-20,000/month ad spend.

Customers who we work with: Customers who have awesome, life-changing, transformative, best in class products or services that we believe in.

Customers who have the same kinds of morals and values as we do.

Customers who treat us with respect and have realistic expectations for return on our services.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team

Here are the human wizards that will help transform your business.

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Stirling at DWM Certification

Stirling Gardner

Owner & Founder

I help companies in the digital product and eCommerce spaces maximize revenue through Facebook advertising…
With 20 years of writing and production experience in Hollywood... having produced TV and web series for ABC, NBC and Comedy Central, I'm able to craft an engaging angle and help you tell your story the way it DESERVES to be told.
This not only makes your ad copy and creative MUCH more effective, it really makes your online ads pop, and get attention from the right people.
I currently oversee an average monthly ad spend of $100,000/month across wildly different niches.
This allows me to brainstorm a number of great options, so we can deliver the best message possible in way that connects with your audience.
I would love to connect and brainstorm with you so we can help you maximize the returns on the FB dollars you're already spending .
I look forward to teaming up with you.

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Eric Teagan

Account Manager

Eric is a recent transplant from Columbia. He is a genius when it comes to strategy, getting parking tickets, being organized and making empanadas from his great-grandmother's recipe.

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Timothy Barrett

Account Manager

Timothy is always quick with a joke and can lighten the mood just by walking in the room. He prides himself on being a great dad, considers himself a wings aficionado, and has traveled to 34 countries. His bucket list includes zip lining in New Zealand.

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